Roger's Rubber Manufacturing

Doing Business in the USA and Canada

Roger's Rubber Manufacturing
2810 Meridian Ave. E.
Edgewood, WA, 98371
(253) 845-8374

Nitrile Neoprene
Silicone Hypalon
SBR Urethane
EPDM Butyl
Natural Ebonite
Many custom blends specific to your needs.
Shore A 18-100
Shore D Up to 85

A Cut Above The Rest

Molding, Design, and Tooling

Roger's Rubber houses complete machinery on-site, to include CNC for grinding cosine and straight crowns. Industrial roll grooving. A roll building machine (known as an extruder). 19 lathes, a sandblast unit, belt sander for wet sanding finish, 4 autoclaves for optimum cure cycles. Silicone and rubber moldings. Full machine shop for shaft and journal repair, and manufacturing of complete cores in-house.

Maximum Length 228.0"
Maximum Outside Diameter 40"
Tolerance +/- .001"